Frequently Asked Questions

What is your cleaning method?


The cleaning method employed is hot water extraction, also known as steam cleaning.

Hot water extraction cleaning is recommended by most fibre producers and carpet manufacturers for its cleaning efficiency.

Hot water extraction, when professionally done, is the most effective method of extracting soil, pollutants, and sources of bacteria, odour, and allergens from the carpet.

We use specially selected cleaning solutions that are free-rinsing, environmentally friendly, and effective.  

Do you do stain removal?



We specialize and excel in stain removal!

Please note, however, any stains which dye or bleach the carpet will not usually be corrected by the cleaning process. 


What are your prices?


We are priced competitively, and our prices are based according to:

- carpet area to be cleaned

- size of rooms

- soiling condition of carpet, and

- amount of furniture to be moved (if any) 

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I vacuum or move furniture before carpet cleaning?


Vacuuming is a vital part of carpet maintenance, and thorough vacuuming before we arrive helps speed up the cleaning process, especially if there are any pets in the home and hair on the carpets. 

This helps reduce the cleaning time and lowers the cost for you!

The more carpet area that is cleared for us before arrival also saves time.  Smaller furniture items can be moved by us if you clear them off ahead of time (nightstands, end tables, etc.)  though we do not usually move heavier furniture items such as bookcases, dressers, wall units, computers, pianos, pool tables, etc.

What about stain protectors?


The benefits of stain protectors are:

- protected fabrics repel most common household spills

- protected fabrics allow for better soil and particulate removal in subsequent vacuuming and future cleanings.

What will the cleaning process NOT do?


The cleaning process will NOT restore or correct damaged carpet such as:  rips, tears, worn-out carpet fibres, sun-fading, cigarette, burns, or dyed or bleached areas.